Sunday, March 25, 2007

ROSCOE’S Weak-End Review

NEWS FLASH: The beginning is at hand

Back to Joel Rosenberg and his predictions…

We mentioned a few of them last week from his new book Epicenter: Why the current rumblings in the Middle East will change your future. Now we want to focus on one of them in particular. This “headline of the future” reads:

Iraq Emerges from Chaos as Region’s Wealthiest Country

What? Iraq not a basket case, ruined by civil war and the meddling of America’s worst-ever president? That’s exactly right, according to Joel.

The truth is that Iraq will form a strong, stable, and decisive central government. Iraq’s military and internal security forces will be well trained, well equipped, and increasingly effective. The insurgency will be crushed, support for it will evaporate, and foreign terrorists will stop flowing into the country. …

How can Joel make such wild predictions? He is, certainly, going way out on a limb. But as we’ve said before, we’ll put his track record up against anybody’s. He makes this prediction using what he calls the “third lens”—viewing the world not through political and economic lenses, as we’re accustomed, but through the lens of Scripture.

When we look at Iraq through the third lens, we see an Arab country that does not participate in the Ezekiel 38 and 39 attack on Israel. Also, Revelation 18 pictures a rebuilt Babylon rising in Iraq to become a major powerhouse in the world economy. Saddam Hussein actually began the rebuilding of Babylon, which was halted by the Iraq War. Apparently the work is going to be finished.

And perhaps these Old and New Testament predictions are related:

Iraq meanwhile, as one of the few Middle Eastern countries not having participated in the attack on Israel, will be one of the few oil powers … left intact when the smoke clears. As oil and gas prices skyrocket due to severe shortages, the world will become increasingly dependent upon Iraq for energy, and money will pour into the country’s coffers like never before.

Fantastic? Maybe. It is contrary to the current conventional wisdom, especially as promoted by our mainstream mediocracy. But it would be awfully good news—plus an additional bonus: An awful judgment upon Israel’s enemies that will result in the destruction of radical Islam as we know it.

If we begin to see Iraq stabilizing, against all odds, we’ll know the beginning is at hand.


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