Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Dear Roscoe:

What’s the difference between a Pelosi Democrat and a bucket of cold kimche?

--L. Libby

Dear L.:

That’s easy. The bucket.

Now, why did you have to go and get me started? I mean, I’ve been choking it back multiple times a day, every time I see a seditious Dhimmicrat clown like Dick al-Durbin bashing Bush and the Iraq war for naked political exploitation—and to hell with the national security consequences, let alone the morale of our men on the front lines.

Or like John F. Kerry, claiming he was dropping out of the presidential sweepstakes to devote more time to working against the war. Can you count how many levels that’s wrong on? I’m afraid I can’t count that high.

Now, are you happy? Please don’t ever write here again. My therapist doesn’t like it.


BTW, you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream mediocracy, but there’s a lot of folks who don’t think the Iraqi insurgents are that tough. In fact, there are some very good reasons to believe the new Bush strategy has a fairly good chance of working.

Writing in foreignpolicy.com, Naval War College Professor Donald Stoker says the Bush administration’s worst mistake in Iraq has been the managing of public opinion back home. The “surge” itself, he says, may just work, if we don’t wimp out. Here’s the top of it:

Vietnam taught many Americans the wrong lesson: that determined guerrilla fighters are invincible. But history shows that insurgents rarely win, and Iraq should be no different. Now that it finally has a winning strategy, the Bush administration is in a race against time to beat the insurgency before the public’s patience finally wears out.

The cold, hard truth about the Bush administration’s strategy of “surging” additional U.S. forces into Iraq is that it could work. Insurgencies are rarely as strong or successful as the public has come to believe. Iraq’s various insurgent groups have succeeded in creating a lot of chaos. But they’re likely not strong enough to succeed in the long term. Sending more American troops into Iraq with the aim of pacifying Baghdad could provide a foundation for their ultimate defeat, but only if the United States does not repeat its previous mistakes.

It wouldn’t be the first time George W. Bush surprised his misunderestimating opponents. Considering how deeply the Dhimmicrats are invested in our failure in Iraq, I’d like to see victory just to ruin their day.


Blogger Christinewjc said...

Ha haaa! Roscoe! Just love it! Your post made the debut issue of my "News Roundup" blogpost.

Roscoe: "Come to think of it, L., that bucket of yours might have been filled from the wrong end.

Now, are you happy? Please don’t ever write here again. My therapist doesn’t like it."

He he he...priceless!

12:46 PM  

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