Monday, June 25, 2007


Hey, ’Jad,

’Sup, dude? You used to be, like, bangin’ the blog here every day. Now it’s like once a week. What’s shakin’? Is it something’ we said? Your old lady jerkin’ your chain or something? Cat got your cursor? LOL.

--S. Dogg

Dear S.,

Sir. I’ll thank you not to refer to my woman as my “old lady.” Nor, for your information, does our chain get jerked by persons of the female persuasion. If there are any chains being jerked in our circles, I assure you, it is by the male heads of household. We obviously have a cultural disconnect here, home boy.

No, the problem is nothing like that. It’s one of simple discrimination. Ever since our, uh, conversion, our readership numbers have been way down – kind of any anti-surge. And who wants to cast pearls before Rosies? You know who you are. When we take over, you’re going to have some explaining to do.

And, speaking of surges, did you see that Harry Reid declared the Iraq surge a failure? So there. When we take over, Harry boy will be rewarded for his valiant efforts to ensure America’s defeat around the world. We shall spare his life. Won’t that be great?

I’m sure he won’t mind living out his days in a chartreuse chicken suit. That’s a lot better than what’s going to happen to Karl Rove. Hah!

Death to Searchlight, Nevada! Allahu fubar!



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