Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Dear Roscoedinejad,

Is it true, like I been hearing, that some a your crazy raghaid friends are using Disney characters to terrorize little kids into becoming crazy jihadis? If so, do you approve of this kind of treatment?

--D. Duck

Dear Infidel Duck,

Yes, it’s true. You’re referring to Hamas TV, which has been running a kiddie show that combines light-hearted entertainment with an introduction for the very young to the high calling of Joo hating, Holocaust denial and wiping Israel off the map. What could be more wholesome for formative, young minds?

Do I approve of that kind of treatment? If you’re referring to the use of Disney characters, it’s only one—Farfur. But any resemblances to a certain trademark American cartoon rodent are purely coincidental, I assure you. If you’re referring to the little kids, frankly, Scarlet, you can fill in the rest.

Judge for yourself, infidel. See 'Mickey Mouse' promotes jihad. There’s actually some lengthy video clips that you can view here. One taste, and you’ll be back for more of this good stuff, I’ll tell you.

Death to America. Allahu fubar!



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