Friday, April 27, 2007


Praise Allah (P.B.J.) for the new leadership in Congress and their smashing victory over Bush and his evil Crusader war!

The Democrat-controlled US Congress have defiantly passed a bill demanding a recall of American troops from Iraq and it has been tipped that President Bush will veto the Bill.
--Infidel News

Hear the words of these noble members of Congress to whom much is owed when the Great Satan Amerika is finally defeated and wiped from the face of the map:

HARRY REID, DEMOCRAT SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: After more than four years of a failed policy, it's time for Iraq to take responsibility for its future. We ask the President to read and to sign this bill.

TED KENNEDY, DEMOCRAT SENATOR: Presidents make mistakes. And this president has made this mistake. The American people were right in Vietnam and brought that war to an end and the American people are right now.

BARACK OBAMA, DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We—we're one signature away, or 16 votes away, from ending this war. One signature away. Now, if the President is not going to sign the Bill that has been sent to him, then what we have to do is gather up 16 votes in order to override his veto.

HILLARY CLINTON, DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: He is stubbornly refusing to listen to the will of the American people. You know, if this President does not get us out of Iraq, when I'm president I will.

Let Bush veto the bill. The American people have spoken, and it’s a matter of time before their cities lie in ruin and defeat. A nation grown soft, decadent and corrupt no longer has the stomach to pay the price of victory. Our victory is assured.

Allahu Clarkbar! Death to Amerika.



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