Sunday, June 10, 2007


Bush Receives Hero's Welcome in Albania

No kidding. And here we didn’t even know they had NASCAR races in Albania. Well, guess we're glad somebody likes the guy.

Get a load of this excerpt from the Associated Press account:

Albania has eagerly embraced democracy and idolizes the United States. Three stamps have been issued featuring Bush's picture and the Statue of Liberty, and the street in front of parliament has been renamed in his honor.

But talk about shameless fishing for favorable photo ops. What really frosts us about this is that poor Albania is 90 percent Muslim and doesn’t need this kind of extracurricular corruption from the decadent West. What are we talking about, you ask?

Well, just take a look at this picture
from AP of Bush meeting the Albanian PM, and you’ll see what we mean. We’ll bet a thousand dinars that Prime Minister Berisha never shared a joint with anyone prior to meeting the decadent U.S. president. But not one but two AP photos carried the same caption:

(AP) U.S. President George Bush shakes hands with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha after a joint...

So, it must be true…

Why we need sharia law

What’s all this talk about Scooter Libby’s sentence being too tough?

Thirty months is nothing, considering the circumstances. First, Lewis Libby was the chief henchman of that great war criminal, Vice President Dick Cheney. (That ought to be worth 10 years right there.) Second, he probably owned Halliburton stock. Third, it’s been reported that Libby had oral communications with Karl Rove on multiple occasions and even knew someone who once was a friend of Tom DeLay.

I mean, Jeez Louise. Throw away the key. Rarely reported in the Bush-controlled media was the fact that Libby could have been sentenced to as much as 25 years. So, why all the belly-aching about a sentence that was only one tenth of the proper amount? Because of Iraq, that’s why. And the CIA, of course.

“The trial exposed a White House allegedly deeply involved in managing the news, manipulating reporters, and exaggerating intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programme,” according to unimpeccable sources (Al Jazeera News).

This kind of travesty would never happen under sharia law. Let’s just say when we’re in charge, people like Scooter Libby won’t be doing a heck of a lot more scootin’. If you know what we mean.

Death to Rockport, Illinois! Allahu fubar!


Blogger hydralisk said...

A 25 years sentence is nothing. A 10 years sentence is like a lash with a wet noodle. I was thinking along the lines of cutting off a hand or gouging out an eye or two. That would still be more lenient than sawing off his head with a rusty knife. Allah only knows where these girlish Westerners get their ideas of criminal punishment.

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