Sunday, February 04, 2007

ROSCOE’S Weak-End Review

Just a couple of notes:

Why are we subsidizing folks like the Iranians (and, for that matter, the Saudis and the Chinese) to try to destroy us? We need to DISINVEST all Iranian holdings. (And, while we’re at it, do NOT buy Venezuelan Citgo gas.

Here’s an excerpt from Dick Morris’ latest report on the disinvestment movement:

Instead, Bush should continue and accelerate his efforts to destroy Iran's economy by cutting off investments to companies that invest there. Frank Gaffney's campaign says that 87 state-administered pension funds in the United States have invested $188 billion in one of 500 publicly traded companies that "partner with terrorist-sponsoring states." These 500 companies among them "have $73 billion invested in Iran, Syria, Libya, and North Korea." (This 2004 data includes investments in Saddam's Iraq).

Among these companies are: Alcatal SA, BNP Paribas, Hyundai, Linden Petroleum, Oil and Natural Gas Corp, Siemens AG, Statoil ASA, Stolt Nielsen, Technip Coflexip, and Total SA.

Read the rest here.

And did you hear that Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? Rush’s nomination, of course, doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in France, while Gore’s would be right up their alley. Gore’s nomination cites his vast contributions in the field of junk science, while Limbaugh is heralded merely as “the foremost advocate for freedom and democracy in the world today.”

Obviously, that’s no contest. That would have to be Gore by at least two touchdowns. And if Gore doesn't win a Nobel, he's still got a good shot at an Oscar.

Read more about Rush’s nomination here.


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