Monday, July 23, 2007

ROSCOEDINEJAD: 'Thinking Blogger'

OK, the Pulitzer it ain't. But we'll take what we can get. Our good friend Christine over at Talkwisdom has conferred the Thinking Blogger Award to yours truly -- et al. (and, no, not al gore).

Infidel of the Weak

That sawed-off little punk and former presidential candidate Gary Bauer is at it again. This is exactly the kind of thing the American people don't need to hear:

Surge Is Working; Defeatists Don’t Care

By the day, evidence is growing that the U.S. “surge” in Iraq, declared a
failure even before it had begun, is in fact working. The U.S. military,
as usual, is performing courageously on the field of battle, dislodging Al
Qaeda and its allies from strongholds, reducing their sanctuaries and doing
it all with minimal civilian casualties.

As U.S. forces kill and capture the thugs, more and more Iraqis are willing
to throw in with us. In Anbar province, U.S. forces have closed a deal
with Sunni and Shiite tribal leaders resulting in joint military operations
against Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda has other problems too. Its bloodthirsty, barbaric tactics are
causing a backlash even among some of its own members. In one neighborhood
in South Baghdad, locals are switching sides to support us after Al Qaeda
thugs started cutting off people’s faces with piano wire.

Even an Al Qaeda cell leader crossed over and has provided the U.S. with
vital intelligence information. When asked why he had abandoned Al Qaeda,
he replied, “Because I’m sick of it and I hate them, and I am done.” (By
the way, you’re not likely to read such reports in any of the domestic
media. I learned of this report from the London Times.)

But here in Washington, powerful people, sadly, have a stake in our defeat
in Iraq. Senator Harry Reid has repeatedly announced that we have already
lost. Seventy liberal members of the House of Representatives, along with
Republican Ron Paul of Texas, have written to President Bush warning him
that they will not vote for more funding for our troops unless all of them
are “redeployed” out of Iraq before Bush leaves office.

General Petraeus is supposed to bring his report to Congress in the next
few months, but no mater what he says, the surrender contingent in Congress
has already made up its mind.

Doesn't this Bauer guy know it's over? The Iraq War is lost. Harry, if you're listening, you Dhimmy, clue this guy in, won't you?


Blogger Christinewjc said...

Hey Roscoe,

You deserved the award! (I know how you feel...I'll take what I can get in the "award" category, too! heh heh) I'm not in the running for any of those yearly "best blog" awards, either....


Anyway, this is a great post! The MSM and naysayer ninnies in Congress will just repeat their dumb-ass mantra no matter what good happens in Iraq.

The fact that the locals in Iraq are switching sides to support us against Al Qaeda SHOULD BE regarded as BIG NEWS! It was always one of our hopes and will probably result in being a great turning point in this war. How typical that you got the info about it from outside the U.S. media! Sheesh!!!

You wrote:

"But here in Washington, powerful people, sadly, have a stake in our defeat
in Iraq."

Ain't that the TRUTH! Reid, Pelosi, and the rest are total imbeciles!

God help us!

8:04 PM  

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