Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gog & Magog Rising

A friend forwarded some intriguing info our way, including such factoids as 25 percent of Moscow is now Muslim and that in 10 years the Russian military is projected to be 50 percent Muslim. Nor are things any better in the West, as Europe rapidly morphs into Eurabia.

When you read the article below, you may be tempted to agree with this friend’s observation: “Not to open up a whole can of End Times worms, but perhaps Gog and Magog are coalescing much faster than we might have expected.”

This particular story is from Britain. Some excerpts:

Thousands of churches face closure, demolition or conversion in the next decade, leading to the demise of some branches of Christianity in Europe, according to experts. …

Just one tenth of the nation's Christians attends church, and churches are now closing faster than mosques are opening. Practising Muslims will, in a few decades, outnumber practising Christians if current trends continue. [Emphasis added.] …

By 2005 the number of churches had fallen to 47,600. According to the organisation Christian Research, another 4,000 are likely to go in the next 15 years.

In the Church of England alone, which still has 16,000 churches, 1,700 have been made redundant since 1969.

Over the same period, the number of mosques in Britain has grown to almost the number of Anglian churches that have closed. The Islamic website Salaam records a total of 1,689 mosques.

Read the rest here.

Cartoon courtesy of the Dry Bones Blog.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

(Secret) Mission accomplished

OK. Back safe & sound--except for a gut bug. And a busted laptop power supply, whick kept us from posting while sojourning. Happened (of course) right after saying I hoped to post soon. Got some fan-tas-tic coffee, though...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Secret Mission

Blogging will be light for a few days as the Roscoe goes on another secret mission. Let's just say that it's a heck of a lot warmer here. (And, no, I haven't died!)

Hope to get a post up soon...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

ROSCOE’S Weak-End Review

What's (hic) up?

Did you hear about the Florida girl who couldn’t stop hiccupping for three weeks? Man, a few years ago I had hiccups for just four days, and I began to think it was terminal. The difference here, I guess, is that this girl’s hiccups would stop when she went to sleep. Mine didn’t.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep for those several days. Pretty hard to sleep with a sensation like somebody shaking you every 10 or 15 seconds. So, the fourth night of not sleeping—oh, about 3 a.m.—I was desperate. Without waking my wife, I got up, drove myself to the nearest ER and requested a lethal injection … And, boy, did I get one.

Obviously, I didn’t die, but it would have seemed a reasonable option at that point. This pony-tail ER doc comes to me with a needle, asking me if I want the shot in the rear end or the arm. The more important question, I thought, was what was in the syringe. “Chlorpromazine,” the doc said. “It’s the only thing that really works.”

“OK—in the arm,” I said. I stopped getting shots in the rear end when I got out of grade school. “Really?” said the doc, seeming a bit taken aback. Then he shrugged and shot me up. “Uh, is there a reason it might have been better in the butt?” I asked, somewhat suspicious. “Yeah,” said the doc. “That’s a big dose. You’re gonna be a little sore.”

A little sore. Yeah, I only lost partial use of my arm for the next three days. But that wasn’t the worst part. I didn’t know what chlorpromazine was—that its other name is thorazine, that it’s a heavy-duty anti-psychotic strong enough to stop a raging musk ox in its tracks or that using thorazine to cure hiccups is like using an atomic bomb in your flower bed to plant tulips.

“You got somebody to drive you home?” asked the doc. “No, why?” I said, now really suspicious. He looked at the clock. “How far do you live from the hospital?” “About 20 minutes,” I said. “Then if I were you, I’d get going right now. You may get a little whoozy by the time you get home.”

A little whoozy. Good thing there weren’t many cars on the road at that hour. By the time I got home, I could barely come up with my own name—or walk. Somehow I made it to bed and passed out. For the next 36 hours I was of no use to God or man—which wasn’t funny because we were selling our house and we didn’t have long to finish emptying it out. My wife—who didn’t want to move in the first place—was not very understanding about my total inability to move without an absolutely Herculean effort. I think I still have the scars from that.

So, if somebody offers to cure your hiccups with thorazine—don’t. Apparently, there is one other medically proven treatment—and I’m not making this up: “Digital rectal massage.” But if you’re ever in that position, take my advice: Ask for it in the arm.

Stop the leaks

These compromises of our national security have got to stop. First it’s The New York Times publishing classified information in the war on terror—warrantless electronic surveillance, etc. And now this: Bush has two moles removed from his forehead.

Bad link

Apologies to those who tried to go to the Atlantic magazine article, “They Won’t Know What Hit Them,” about the big-money assault on traditional marriage in America. It was a bum link. Here’s the right one.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brave New Gender World

I was reading in my local newspaper about an organization in my state that had been formed for the defense of traditional marriage, when I came across a term that made my breakfast curdle in my stomach—“opposite-sex marriage.” That, of course, means us--the “breeders,” the Neanderthals.

I may be a hopeless right-wingnut, but—doggone it—talk about Orwellian. When normal has to be called some kind of deviant-sounding name—and the mainstream mediocracy have bought into it hook, line and stinker—you know the barbarians are definitely at the gate.

Is it too paranoid to think there might be an overt conspiracy? Not at all. Even The Atlantic, in a perverse way, has picked up the scent. Read They Won’t Know What Hit Them: The software mogul Tim Gill has a mission: Stop the Rick Santorums of tomorrow before they get started. How a network of gay political donors is stealthily fightings exual discrimination and reshaping American politics

Go here, if you dare.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ROSCOE’S Mid-Weak Review

So many projects going on, this will have to be abbreviated Instapundit, do-it-yourself style…

They don’t really believe that Christ was crucified, so they’re going to crucify—if they can—this descendant of Muhammed who believes He was? Guess so. Here’s that story.

“Too late” to stop Iran’s nuclearization? Sounds like a Western miscalculation of epic proportions. Our friend Joel Rosenberg has that story, as well as some other related items.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Uplifting news

Remember the old Mark Eden Breast Developer that used to be advertised years ago in the back pages of magazines? It promised to add inches to a woman’s bust size through an exercise device. It was eventually withdrawn on charges of mail fraud. Seems the only thing that was really developed was the underlying pectoral muscles, which technically did increase the “bust size,” but not exactly in the way the users had hoped.

Then came silicone breast implants, which generated all kinds of litigation against Dow Chemical from women who believed them to be the cause of their various and sundry ailments. Despite those expensive settlements, it turns out the implants were probably safe, after all. But it also put the kebosh on a play by some American college of plastic surgeons trying to get “micromastia”—undersized breasts—recognized by the federal government as a medical condition. As in a mandated benefit in employer health plans.

Now comes this, out of Japan: “Stem cell technique helps women grow their own implants.” The story says it should be widely available in five years. The Brits, in particular, say they’re very interested. But then, they’re the ones who are about to make Viagra available over the counter. Ever since they lost their empire, it seems they’ve become more and more preoccupied with sex. Well, everyone needs a hobby, I guess…

But do we really need this kind of technology? I mean, it’s not like we’re suffering from an under-supply of Pamela Andersons. If anything, an argument probably could be made in the opposing direction.

Be that as it may be, there are some significant issues here. One is the potential benefit to breast cancer victims who’ve had mastectomies. The other is the public education value—if the mainstream mediocracy will honestly report this. Huge “if,” right? Because, let's face it, the pro-aborts are losing the PR battle in America, and they desperately need a new justification.

See, these are not embryonic stem cells. They are adult stem cells—taken from the woman’s own fat tissue. No human life is destroyed in this procedure, as opposed to embryonic stem cell procedures. This could well be the most under-reported story of our time—the total paucity of tangible results from embryonic stem cells versus a steady stream of new applications for adult stem cells. Like for some forms of blindness and diabetes. And now, better breasts, too.

Eat your heart out, Mark Eden.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

ROSCOE’S Almost End of the Weak Review

Photo of the Weak. (Click on it for larger lettering.)

Tonya Harding in space?

On the wall in my office is a poster from a professional advertising trade association with a beaming black-and-white image of rogue skater Tonya Harding and the captioned question, “Have you done everything you could to win this year?” Trouble is, with each passing year it seems fewer and fewer folks actually recognize the image. So, bit by bit the joke is losing its edge. Not that we’re getting older or anything…

So, thank goodness for NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, who has arisen to stand in the gap. We just might put that poster into reruns ourselves with the same inspiring slogan, but with a fresh, new face. Although some folks have likened Lisa’s forensic photo to the not-ready-for-prime-time pix of Nick Nolte and Glen Campbell at their besotted worst.

On the other hand, when Tonya’s done with her wrestling career (if she isn’t already), maybe she could look into the astronaut corps. Sounds like something right up her alley.

Not to be outdone

Then there was this fellow:

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. -- A 47-year-old data processing supervisor in the state comptroller's office this week denied charges that he was naked and masturbating inside a glass-enclosed ski lift car at a Vermont ski area.

Read the rest of this bizarre tale, if you really must, here.

Hip, hip, hooray!

Our Quote of the Weak is from Arthur Sulzberger, owner, chairman and publisher of The New Yawk Times:

"I really don't know whether we'll be printing the Times in five years, and you know what? I don't care either," he says. Read the rest.

Yeah, Artie probably figures the country will probably be down the tubes by then, what with all those treasonous national security leaks and all…

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Now cut that out

Talk about inmates in charge of the asylum. CNN is alleging that a member of the Iraqi parliament is a man convicted and sentenced to death for bombing the U.S. and French embassies in Kuwait a number of years ago. Not only that, but Jamal Jafaar Mohammed is a member of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s coalition.

Even worse, according to this story, Mohammed has immunity from prosecution because of his elective office. But that could change, if al-Maliki can be believed. U.S. military intelligence says Mohammed acts as an Iranian agent in Iraq.

Come on, guys. Get a grip. What do you think this is—the U.S. Congress? It also demonstrates poor judgment. Why bomb the French embassy? What have they ever done against radical Islamniacs? (Not much.)

Earth to Mojo

Further evidence that radical Islam is a mental disorder: Iranian President Mahmoud “Mojo” Ahmadinejad is so convinced that the Holocaust was a hoax, he’s challenging European governments—particularly Austria, Germany and Poland—to come up with evidence that such a thing ever happened.

Since Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany, they should indict Mojo and serve the government in Tehran with a warrant for extradition. If they don’t hand him over, maybe the Delta Force could snatch him. Read this pathetic story here.

Unfortunately, Mojo is far from alone with this particular affliction. We’ve been reviewing a manuscript about to be published with the working title Why We Want To Kill You, about the psychology of Islamic jihadists, and this delusional thinking is an outright epidemic. One of the stories is that 600,000 Jews and Christians died during World War II of typhus, and the Jews—who, of course, control the international media—hyped it up to 6 million Jews. The idea was to cast themselves in the role of victim so they could steal all that land for Israel.

Sick, sick, sick. Methnks Mojo needs to spend some time in a rubber room devoid of sharp objects—let alone nuclear devices.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

ROSCOE’S Weak-End Review

Just a couple of notes:

Why are we subsidizing folks like the Iranians (and, for that matter, the Saudis and the Chinese) to try to destroy us? We need to DISINVEST all Iranian holdings. (And, while we’re at it, do NOT buy Venezuelan Citgo gas.

Here’s an excerpt from Dick Morris’ latest report on the disinvestment movement:

Instead, Bush should continue and accelerate his efforts to destroy Iran's economy by cutting off investments to companies that invest there. Frank Gaffney's campaign says that 87 state-administered pension funds in the United States have invested $188 billion in one of 500 publicly traded companies that "partner with terrorist-sponsoring states." These 500 companies among them "have $73 billion invested in Iran, Syria, Libya, and North Korea." (This 2004 data includes investments in Saddam's Iraq).

Among these companies are: Alcatal SA, BNP Paribas, Hyundai, Linden Petroleum, Oil and Natural Gas Corp, Siemens AG, Statoil ASA, Stolt Nielsen, Technip Coflexip, and Total SA.

Read the rest here.

And did you hear that Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? Rush’s nomination, of course, doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in France, while Gore’s would be right up their alley. Gore’s nomination cites his vast contributions in the field of junk science, while Limbaugh is heralded merely as “the foremost advocate for freedom and democracy in the world today.”

Obviously, that’s no contest. That would have to be Gore by at least two touchdowns. And if Gore doesn't win a Nobel, he's still got a good shot at an Oscar.

Read more about Rush’s nomination here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

ROSCOE’S Mid-Weak Review

Trent Lott said what?

So, it doesn’t even take 24 hours for Joltin’ Joe Biden to shoot his own presidential candidacy in the fanny with an egregiously offensive remark about Barack Obama being a “clean” black. That’s gotta be some kind of speed record, don’t you think?

But then, Biden’s a Dhimmicrat, so it’s not likely to have that much traction in the mainstream mediocracy. Not nearly as much, anyway, as if one of those nasty Republicans—like, say, Trent Lott or George Allen—had said it.

So, this Biden gaffe may not have the same repercussions, but it still has a certain entertainment value for people like us. And, considering the Dhimmicrat talent line-up, we can probably look forward to a lot more such entertainment this political season.

As Trent Lott would say, that’s almost as much fun as a Strom Thurmond 100th birthday party.

Jacques Chirac said what?

So, the president of France thinks one or two little nukes might be OK for Iran to mess around with? Well, we’re glad he’s got some standards. We’d hate to think Jacques was a sucker or something.

The United States and Israel could probably afford to lose one major city each, right? In the big scheme of things, Jacques probably thinks that’s reasonable.

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? Apparently, Chirac thought better of his remarks after they were published and tried to take them back. Not that he didn’t say them—just that he thought he was speaking off the record.

So, that makes it OK? Does that all make better sense in French than it does in English?

Do you suppose he might have room on his ticket in the next election for a certain similarly bizarre senator from Vermont? Inquiring minds want to know...

And finally

Hat tip to Wendy C. for the following touching item:

Grieving pet owners can now turn their dead animals into diamonds.

The gems, made using carbon from the pet's ashes, can be created from any animal from a hamster to a horse.

Pet Crematorium CPC, of Thiplow, Hertfordshire, charges from £2,100 to £15,000 depending on the diamond's size and quality.

Cost is not linked to the size of the pet.

The firm's Duncan Francis said: 'Having a stunning diamond created from the pet's ashes provides an everlasting link which some people find very comforting.'