Sunday, April 30, 2006

DANA PRIEST: Journalist or traitor?

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program, "America’s 100 Worst Journalists." This week focuses the Roscoe Daley Report spotlight on that great American patriot—and now Pulitzer Prize-winning journalista—Dana "Judas" Priest.

For service to her country in time of war, the RDR is nominating her for the Robert Hanssen Patriotism Award. She'll be up against some tough competition, though. James Risen of The New York Times, for example, exposed the National Security Agency warrantless wiretap program, which was found to be scandalously violating the privacy rights of al-Qaeda agents worldwide—for which he, too, won a Pulitzer. Meanwhile, Judas Priest, reporting for The Washington Post, exposed secret CIA terrorist prisons in Europe.

Yeah, we guess you could say there's a pattern here. And thank God somebody is looking out for the rights of those terrorists. After all, they're people too. Aren't they? (At least we think so.)

This is going to be a great week. Along the way we're going to discuss interesting characters such as Mary McCarthy, her uncle Charlie McCarthy, Joseph Wilson, Valerie Plame and William Goodfellow, to name a few. We'll also get to unveil a couple of new public service programs devised by the RDR, including Send a Terrorist to Summer Camp Week and National Take an Islamo-fascist to Work Day.

Golly, it's going to be fun.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


If there had been any doubt as to the principal fountainhead of evil in the world today—from civilian casualties in Israel to military deaths from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq to the capacity to project terror at will across the map—it is now gone.

It is Iran.

That doubt has been forever removed by the apparent disclosure of Iran's secret plan of retaliation against the United States in the event of a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Here are the major elements, as related by Regime Change in Iraq:

1- A missile strike directly targeting the US bases in the Persian Gulf and Iraq, as soon as nuclear installations are hit.

2- Suicide operations in a number of Arab and Muslim countries against US embassies and missions and US military bases and economic and oil installations related to US and British companies. The campaign might also target the economic and military installations of countries allied with the United States.

3- Launch attacks by the Basij and the Revolutionary Guards and Iraqi fighters loyal to Iran against US and British forces in Iraq, from border regions in central and southern Iraq.

4- Hezbollah to launch hundreds of rockets against military and economic targets in Israel.

Go here to read the whole thing. Just the fact—if completely true and accurate—that Iran is capable of and so inclined to evil of such magnitude ought to prompt the most serious and concerted action by the civilized nations. It certainly has the ring of truth, considering reports--published here earlier in the week--that terrorist mastermind Imad Mugniyah has been conspiring with the Iranian leader for a terrorist response to any military strike by the United States.

The source of the intelligence on this evil scheme, named al Qiyamah—appropriately, Judgment Day—had this to say about the plan's final element: "[T]his stage might represent the beginning of a world war, given that extremists will seek to maximize civilian casualties by exploding germ and chemical bombs as well as dirty nuclear bombs across western and Arab cities."

Folks, this can't be ignored. Forget the nuclear facilities. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must be removed by a surgical decapitation strike. This rogue state must be economically embargoed while armed insurgents, bankrolled with $10 billion+ of frozen Iranian assets in the United States, take back their country.

Anything less than this, and we're all goners. The other alternatives—a nuclearized Iran or execution of the Judgment Day plan—are unthinkable.

Friday, April 28, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: Now that’s going too far

It barely made news: Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad has flubbed his dub and missed the United Nations Security Council deadline for halting the enrichment of uranium today. Probably an oversight on Mojo's part. Maybe he'll stop tomorrow.

Meanwhile, he's been quoted as saying recent oil price jumps are good. In fact, he'd like to see oil prices keep on arisin'—to $100 a barrel or more. Now, it was bad enough when Mojo said Israel should be annihilated. That set tongues clucking at the Manhattan cocktail parties. Even worse when he said becoming a nuclear power was Iran's birthright, which even brought the disapproval of the normally tolerant rogues’ gallery known as the United Nations.

But now this oil demagoguery—why, I do believe the boy has finally crossed the line. We say it's time to get tough and revoke Mojo's library privileges for once and for all. How much, after all, can we be expected to take?

Next: Getting back to our ongoing examination of the mainstream mediocracy, a look at America’s journo-patriots—starting with Dana Priest.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: Tick, tick, tick...

Today (Friday) is the day of reckoning for Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad, the UN Security Council's deadline to cease enrichment of uranium. Gee, we wonder how Mojo will finally come down on this weighty issue after all that time to ponder. Think he'll see the light of reason?

Well, judging by the most recent tea leaves, Mojo must have the shades pulled down. Reuters says Iran has just received "a first shipment of missiles from North Korea that are capable of reaching Europe. . ." Read all about it. Golly, why'd he want to go and do a thing like that? Weren't we supposed to be in a dialogue—as in reasoning together? Did we hear somebody say "Axis of Evil?" HT to Yaakov Kirschen at the Dry Bones Blog.

Doesn't Mojo understand we all just want to get along? Kind of reminds us of a New Yorker cartoon, in which one of an assemblage of Upper Manhattan beautiful people says to another cocktailer, "You know, I think those Islamic fundamentalists would like us if they just go to know us."

Yeah, and maybe today will be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius at long last. You think?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMEDINEJAD: A good swift kick in the assets

Trivia question: Where is George W. Bush doing better in the popularity polls—the United States or Iran?

If you answered "Iran," you're probably right. Ironically. This is far from scientific, but as precipitously as W has been dropping in U.S. opinion polls, he's reportedly been rising in esteem among the Yousef Six-Packs on the, uh, Persian street. And that reportedly has a lot to do with an absence of administration saber-rattling accompanied by positive statements—notably his last two State of the Union addresses to Congress. To wit:

2005: "And to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you."

2006: "Tonight, let me speak directly to the citizens of Iran: America respects you, and we respect your country. We respect your right to choose your own future and win your own freedom. And our nation hopes one day to be the closest of friends with a free and democratic Iran."

Jaded Americans might dismiss that kind of talk as cheap political rhetoric, but, believe it or not, the statements apparently have struck a responsive chord with average Iranians, many of whom dislike the rogue regime of Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad—and mullah rule—as much as we do. So, this U.S. president, so reviled at home by sunshine patriots and summer soldiers and a generation of spoiled-brat mediacrats and politicians, appears to be more popular, by some accounts, in Iran.

Once again, Regime Change in Iran has the story, here.

Unfortunately, we don't have another 15 or 20 more years to let nature take its course. Iran is a nuclearizing menace to the entire world, now. And so—considering how any military option is fraught with utmost peril--the latest talk has turned to the possibility of isolating Iran economically. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has requested $85 million to support the pro-democracy movement inside Iran and opposition groups on the outside.

Unfortunately again, that's a decade late and a couple of billion dollars short. So, now we’re also hearing other voices calling for the thawing of Iranian assets in the United States that have been frozen since 1979—estimated to be at least $10 billion. You can read about that here.

Stay tuned. There are indications that there may be an announcement about a more aggressive economic offensive shortly. If we start dropping bombs, we’ll surely lose the good will Bush has built on the inside. But if we go the sanctions route, will it be anything close to effective? The future security of the world could depend on the answer.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: 'The mushroom cloud is on its way'

Woe to the Man of Lawlessness, the one who threatens the apple of God's eye, who will be punished with everlasting destruction.

"The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness" (2 Thess. 2:9-12, NIV).

Can anyone, especially in the nearly five years since 9/11, have any doubt that radical Islam is that powerful delusion that causes millions to believe outrageous lies and many to commit acts of vicious savagery? Enter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the man who would lead the Islamic "liberation" of Jerusalem and the final destruction of the Jewish nation.

"Like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation," Ahmadinejad told a recent conference in support of Palestinians. "Believe that Palestine will be freed soon."

Sympathizers in America held a rally a few days ago outside the Israeli consulate in New York City with chants in Arabic later translated, "The mushroom cloud is on its way! The real holocaust is on its way!" Demonstrators carried placards with pictures of an Islamic flag flying over the White House.

Like a moth to a flame, Scripture pictures the man of lawlessness as consumed with hatred for God's chosen people. Is Ahmadinejad that man? Probably not. But he is the self-professed advance man for one who does fit that description, the 12th Imam, a.k.a., the Mahdi, the Islamic End Times messiah. Ahmadinejad reportedly considers himself one of Mahdi's owtads—or nails, pinning the world together.

A recent speech by Ahmadinejad featured a poster showing time running out for America and Israel. On closer inspection, the picture shows America already smashed before Israel. Could that have any particular significance? We wonder.

Monday, April 24, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: Mojo and the terrorist mastermind

You might not remember Robert Dean Stethem's name, but who could forget the incident? Stethem, a 23-year-old U.S. Navy diver, was on board TWA Flight 847 when it was hijacked by Hezbollah terrorists in Athens, Greece, in 1985. After many hours of beating and torture, the terrorists finally told the other passengers to put their heads down and close their eyes. They then shot Stethem in the head and dumped his body out onto the airport tarmac in Beirut.

Despite the beatings, Stethem refused to denounce the United States or to identify other military personnel onboard. His body was so disfigured that he had to be identified by fingerprints. Stethem was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for heroism and bravery.

Imad Mugniyah, a Lebanese Shi'ite suspected of the actual torture and execution of Stethem, left behind something more than fingerprints aboard Flight 847. Someone also got a picture, the only known photo of this terrorist mastermind, who reportedly has had plastic surgery to change his appearance.

Authorities believe that Mugniyah was also the man behind:

· The 1983 Beirut embassy bombing
· The 1983 truck bombings of the U.S. and French compounds in Beirut with massive casualties.
· Most of the abductions of Western hostages in Lebanon in the mid-'80s.
· Personally interrogating, torturing and possibly killing the CIA's William Buckley.

So, what's Mugniyah been up to in the interim, besides keeping a really low profile? Well, allegedly plotting anti-Israeli and anti-U.S. strategies with the rabid regime in Tehran, for one thing. Talk about kindred spirits. One again, Regime Change in Iran has the goods here.

Quoting intelligence experts and a former U.S. national security official, the Sunday Times of London puts Iranian President Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad and Mugniyah together, traveling from Tehran to Damascus, Syria, earlier this year for a secret meeting. Probably on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, or something like that. The Times story calls Mugniyah the Lebanese commander of Hezbollah's overseas operations and says he has "taken charge of plotting Iran's retaliation against Western targets should President George W. Bush order a strike on Iranian nuclear sites."

You can read the story here. Just thought you might like to know about the fellows who hold the fate of our children and grandchildren in the palms of their hands.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: Will he heed world opinion?

Regime Change in Iran is reporting that the quirky leader of Iran, Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinehad, is expected to hold a press conference today (Monday) to discuss Iran's response to the United Nations Security Council call for an end to that nation's uranium enrichment. Read all about it here.

You might want to make Regime Change in Iran a regular part of your blog reading as conflict looms larger by the day. This is the crisis of our time. RDR provides a link to this site in our blogroll. Regime Change also provides an informative e-newsletter to which you can subscribe.

Meanwhile, The RDR also commends to your attention a mail-order source for potassium iodide, for protection of your thyroid in the event of radiation exposure. Go here. The Roscoe family intends to protect ourselves and loved ones via this service.

Friday, April 21, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: Insane at any speed

Iran has one week to comply with the U.N. Security Council deadline to cease uranium enrichment. That's going to be the big news this coming week. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Meanwhile, the United States has a full carrier battle group in the Persian Gulf complete with cruisers, destroyers, missiles and 70 aircraft. Three other international task forces are also in the gulf, with scores of ships and 20,000 personnel, according to NewsMax. A retired Air
Force general is quoted as saying we have more than enough fire power to wipe out Iran's nuclear and missile facilities with conventional bunker-buster bombs.

Maybe. Two problems, at least, with that, however. One is—even assuming the general is correct—finding all the targets. Obviously, just getting rid of some or even most isn't good enough. (Just like being a little pregnant, you can't really be a little nuclear.) Second is a point we made earlier and bears repeating: It may be a trap. President Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad may already be in possession of nuclear contraband, just waiting for a chance to use it against us. (See Wednesday's post, "Don’t fall for his mojo.")

But neither can we just ignore this rabid lunatic. Mojo has just promised $50 million to Hamas to replace the funding cut off by the United States and European Union. He's also the main source of insurgency in Iraq, besides funding Hezbollah, manufacturing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that are killing our soldiers, plus all kinds of miscellaneous mischief in Syria and Lebanon. We wouldn't be all that surprised to find that this is also where Saddam Hussein's WMDs went. Don't laugh. Remember where Saddam flew his air force during Desert Storm in 1991? Yep, across the border into formerly enemy territory in Iran.

And on top of that, the Associated Press reports that Mojo is threatening "annihilation" of Israel. All of this is designed to create maximum chaos and create the conditions conducive to Mojo's dream of the return of the 12th Imam, the Mahdi—the scenario we've been piecing together this week.

So, what to do? We think there's only one viable option: A surgical decapitation. Regime change. Mojo is such a high-profile character, it ought to be a lot easier to nail him with a smart bomb or cruise missile than to bust all the nuclear bunkers in the entire country. Mark Steyn is the fellow who first advocated this idea, and it's a good one. If anyone has a link to piece on this, forward it and we'll post it here.

Meanwhile, the RDR is taking suggestions for the next MSM mediocrat to profile when we're done with Mojo.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: First harbinger of the Apocalypse?

Now let's look at some of the striking parallels between Christian and Islamic views of End Times events:

Christian: A figure like Antichrist is described as riding on a white horse (Rev. 6:1-2).
Islam: The Mahdi (see previous days' postings here) is described as riding on a white horse.

Christian: The Antichrist is said to make a peace treaty with Israel for seven years (Daniel 9:27).
Islam: The Mahdi is said to make a peace treaty through a Jew (specifically a Levite) for exactly seven years.

Christian: The antichrist spirit specifically denies the most unique and central doctrines of Christianity—namely the trinity, the incarnation and the substitutionary death of Jesus on the cross.
Islam: Doctrinally and spiritually denies the most unique and central doctrines of Christianity—namely the trinity, the incarnation and the substitutionary death of Jesus on the cross.

Christian: The specific nations pictured in the Bible as being part of the final empire of the Antichrist are all Islamic nations.
Islam: All Muslims are commanded to give their allegiance to the Mahdi as the final Caliph and Imam (leader) of Islam.

Christian: From the Bible and history we learn that the final Antichrist empire will be a revived version of the empire that succeeds the Roman Empire.
Islam: The empire that succeeded the Roman Empire was the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

Christian: When Antichrist emerges, there will already be some form of system in place that will be poised to receive him as a Savior and to give allegiance to him.
Islam: Is already the second largest religion and will at present growth rates become the largest religion within a few decades. Islam is awaiting the coming of the Mahdi with a universal anticipation.

And Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad is his self-professed advance man. These are just some of the parallels, in this case excerpted from the very fine work of We highly recommend a visit here to access the entire book-length work on-line. They're not the first. Halley's Bible Handbook back in the 1920s saw "Mohammedanism" in the worldwide scourge of locusts pictured in Rev. 9.

Watch Mojo. He may well be the first harbinger of the Apocalypse. With him we can now begin to see the final pieces and how they could fit into place. And just the fact that we can now see the shape of those things to come is in itself a sign—that the end may not be that far off.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: Don't fall for his mojo

First, it needs to be said: Don't bomb Iran. It could be a trap.

Think about it: Why else—besides sheer insanity—would Iranian President Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad be rattling a saber he doesn't yet have, almost as if he's trying to get Israel and the United States to attack? The answer is because maybe he is. Suppose he's already got some nukes—some of the black market devices that have been "missing" from the old Soviet stockpile—plus more of his own coming when the Iranian assembly line is finally up and running. He'd love to lure us into an attack as an excuse to give us a nasty surprise.

"We may go in to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities, only to have Iran respond with nuclear devices against us, in this country and against our troops in Iraq," writes Steve Lumbley at Excellent point. No, Roscoe is not going pacifist. Later in this series (which may end up being longer than a week), we plan to recommend a surgical "decapitation" strike as the only viable option.

Another reason for caution is that our research persuades us that we are not dealing with flesh and blood here, but with the "rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Ephesians 6:12). Are we suggesting that Mojo is the Antichrist? No. But he is the self-professed advance man for the 12th Imam, a.k.a. the Mahdi (see yesterday’s post, "Mojo and the Antichrist"), and that triggers all kinds of alarm bells.

If you take the time to check it out, translating from Islamic to Christian eschatology, you'll find the Mahdi is our worst nightmare. If he's not the Antichrist, he's either the Beast of Revelation (666) or the Rider on the White Horse: "I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, 'Come!' I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest" (Revelation 6:1-2, NIV).

There's one school of thought identifying the Antichrist and the Rider on the White House as the same individual (as a counterfeit of Christ the Messiah on the white horse pictured later in Revelation). Islamic writings, apparently playing off the Christian prophecies, identify the Mahdi this way. Two contemporary Egyptian writers explain: "It is clear that his man is the Mahdi who will ride the white horse and judge by the Qur'an (with justice) and with whom will be men with marks of prostration on their foreheads." 666?

More on this to come. Meanwhile, we want to welcome the Dry Bones Blog to the Roscoe community. Its creator is Yaakov Kirschen, an Israeli cartoonist whom we greatly appreciate. Check him out here.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: Mojo and the Antichrist

Maybe you've heard the saying: "It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here." Well, it's a bit like that with Iranian leader Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad: He may not be the Antichrist, but he might well be the Antichrist's advance man.

Maybe you've also heard something about Mojo's involvement with an apocalyptic strain of Shi'a Islam devoted to the coming of a mysterious character called the 12th Imam and wondered what that was all about. It's true. Last September when President Mojo addressed the United Nations General Assembly, something remarkable happened. The "Hidden Imam," he said afterward, "drenched the place in a sweet light."

[Insert otherworldly Twilight Zone sound file.]

Here's the account in Mojo's own words:

"The last day when I was speaking before the (U.N. General) Assembly, one of our group told me when I started to say, 'In the name of God the Almighty, the Merciful,' he saw a light around me, and I was placed inside this aura and I felt it myself. I felt the atmosphere suddenly change, and for those 27 or 28 minutes the leaders of the world did not blink. When I say they did not bat an eyelid, I am not exaggerating because I was looking at them and they were rapt."

Mojo is reputed to draw away on occasion and commune in some fashion with this 12th Imam, a.k.a. Mahdi. So, who is this mysterious character? Here's a brief rundown, taken from The Christian Family Guide Explains the Middle East Conflict (Alpha Books, with author's permission):

The Shi’ite Mahdi was born in 868 A.D. and became imam [chief religious leader] while a small child in 874 A.D. upon the death of his father, Hasasn al-Skari, the eleventh imam. He disappeared entirely in 939 A.D. and is believed to exist in a supernatural state while awaiting the time of his return.

Other characteristics of the Mahdi:

o Will return on Judgment Day to fight evil, save the world and usher in equality and justice.
o Has the ability to appear and disappear at will.
o Will do battle with evil forces in one final, apocalyptic battle.
o Will repair the Mosque, reconstruct Mecca and bring a new Book with new teaching, restoring Islam to its original purity and integrity.
o Will rule the world under a perfect, universal government to guide humanity and bring about a perfect spirituality—including the conversion of Jews to Islam.

And, oh yes, he will crush all infidels (Christians and Jews). The key thing here is that Mojo considers himself the agent to orchestrate events toward the coming of this Mahdi. Those familiar with Christian eschatology should note some significant parallels—but more about that next time.

Monday, April 17, 2006

IRANIAN LEADER: End of the world, film at 11

Not to be overly melodramatic, let's say it this way: Anyone who knows something about eschatology—End Times theology—should be concerned about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That's the wild-eyed Iranian leader who has been making some alarming statements, such as his calls for the destruction of Israel—and "soon," in his latest such pronouncement.

Most disturbing of all, however, have been statements indicating his belief in the need to provoke the final "clash of civilizations" to prepare the way for the return of the 12th Imam, a messianic Islamic figure also called the Mahdi, whose appearance is expected in the last days to finally vanquish all infidels (non-Muslims).

But first, there's an unfortunate lot of wrong-headedness going around right now about Iran that seriously understates the threat. Isolationist Pat Buchanan, for example, bloviated last week about just ignoring Iran, as any adult would disregard a punk 9-year-old challenging us to step outside. Pay no attention to all that saber rattling, says the Pat. It's strictly for internal consumption and building team spirit. Then yesterday both Newt Gingrich (on Fox) and Michael Ledeen (on Hugh Hewitt), an Iran expert at the American Enterprise Institute, called for the United States to begin seriously aiding the Iranian opposition.

Both of these views, frankly, are dangerous. We are not going to be able to ignore the Iranian threat. And we're kidding ourselves if we think we have the luxury of time to foment an insurrection. We're way past that point, guys.

Amir Taheri, an Iranian ex-patriate in Europe and former editor of Iran's largest daily newspaper, tells us why armed conflict is all but inevitable:

"In Ahmadinejad’s analysis, the rising Islamic 'superpower' has decisive advantages over the infidel. Islam has four times as many young men of fighting age as the West, with its ageing populations. Hundreds of millions of Muslim 'ghazis' (holy raiders) are keen to become martyrs while the infidel youths, loving life and fearing death, hate to fight. Islam also has four-fifths of the world’s oil reserves, and so controls the lifeblood of the infidel. . . .Iran's current strategy, therefore, is to wait Bush out. And that [Bush's final two lame-duck years], by 'divine coincidence,' corresponds to the time Iran needs to develop its nuclear arsenal, thus matching the only advantage the infidel enjoys."

Note how they're counting on American political loggerheads. We strongly recommend reading Taheri's entire analysis at the on-line London Telegraph.

Next then, we'll take a little look at that Antichrist thing.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


He is risen indeed!

Friday, April 14, 2006

KATIE COURIC: ‘Affable Eva Braun of morning TV’

Herewith ends our week with Katie "Perky" Couric, upstart pretender to the vacant CBS throne of Dan the Rather.

Roscoe has puzzled a bit over Ann Coulter's choice of Eva Braun for an epithet to hang on Katie Couric. It's probably nothing more than a metaphor for putting on the pretty face and serving as an oh-so-willing accomplice to evil. Still, when challenged by Couric herself in a remarkable interview, Coulter attributed her inspiration to the James Byrd incident. That's the 1998 dragging death of James Byrd, a black man, by three whites, which Couric tried to hang on Christian conservatives, as is so often her wont in such things.

Here's a sample, from a 1999 interview with former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, a notorious George W. Bushaphobic:

Couric: Let's talk a little bit more about the right wing, because I know that's something you feel very strongly about. But this is actually not necessarily about the right wing, but perhaps a climate that some say has been established by religious zealots or Christian conservatives. There have been two recent incidents in the news, I think, that upset most people in this country, that is the dragging death of James Byrd Junior and the beating death of Matthew Shepard. I just would like you to reflect on whether you feel people in this country are increasingly intolerant, mean-spirited, et cetera, and what, if anything, can be done about that because a lot of people get very discouraged when they hear and see this kind of brutality taking place.

Richards: Obla-dee, obla-dah.

As for the far more memorable Couric-Coulter catfight, you can relive that here.

ANNOUNCEMENT: This next week we'll take a break from the mediocracy-reptile-a-week drill to do something, um, somewhat unorthodox. (Probably no big shock to followers of the Roscoe.) But this is different. Really. There's no way to say this without sounding downright tabloidish, so we'll just say it: We’re going to make the case for who we think is the ANTICHRIST. Really.

You might want to keep that channel set right where it is, compadre.

Further affiant sayeth naught.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

KATIE COURIC: Why FOX is eating your lunch

What a wonderfully interesting day in the multimedia neighborhood. First we read the Newsweek cover story on Katie Couric, explaining how Les Moonves, et al. at CBS, far from hoping "Perky" can fill Dan Rather's Birkenstocks, are looking to blow up the evening news paradigm entirely and start over. And they think Perky is just the person, of the female persuasion, to do it.

The news execs may be corrupted, compromised and hopelessly biased, but some of the mediocracy newsasaurases are at least starting to grasp the problem. Not that they're necessarily any closer to a solution. But, as they say in AA, admitting you have a problem is the first step. The Newsweek article, for example, notes that the average CBS viewer is 60+. Which is to say, not much future in that.

Katie dear, I hate to tell you, but you may have just bought yourself a ticket on the Titanic. This ship is going down, and rearranging the deck chairs, as they say, ain't gonna get it. Now, if you can figure out why FOX is eating your lunch, you just might have a chance.

I'll give you a clue: Stacy Harp. That's right. Forget Whoopi Goldberg and Alec Baldwin and Barbra Stresiand and all the rest of that limousine liberal crowd. (Wow, I haven't heard that term in a good long time.) Find out where the real America lives and go there.

Stacy Harp has experienced abuse. She's now a family therapist with a real heart for other abused individuals, especially youngsters. You should care about that, too, Katie, as a mom with those two young girls of yours. While you're playing to the limousine liberal crowd, there are human predators destroying young lives like your daughters. And now they're in cyberspace, luring kids in chat rooms, and even more recently staking their claims to legitimacy with blog sites on platforms like Google's Blogger.

No, NBC didn't do that story. Nor did CBS, where you're headed. It was FOX's DaySide today, with Stacy Harp. And here's the e-mail we sent to, much as others have done as well:

Folks, this is a pedophilia site. Please don't make me have to give up my Blogger site because of practices like this. A friend who discovered this site said she was given a bit of a runaround when she tried to report it to Google.

I would appreciate a response as to what action, if any, you plan to take. Hearing none, I will proceed next to the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Secion of the U.S. Department of Justice, where I actually know the director, Bruce Taylor.

The link is

Katie, you do these kinds of stories, and you just might right the ship. Not that we really think you will. But if you don't, we hope you're a good swimmer.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

KATIE COURIC: Honesty, shmonesty

If some of these journalistas were really honest (depending, of course, on the meaning of honest), they'd recuse themselves from some of the stories of the day. They're that biased. Especially on issues of life. And especially Katie "Perky" Couric.

But, of course, they won't. And she won't. She whose mother was a Planned Parenthood volunteer worker when Perky was growing up. She whose mother "bought a lot of stock in condom companies" when reports of a scary new scourge called AIDS first began appearing in the news media, according to Good Housekeeping magazine.

She who thinks it's cute to kid on air with Whoopi Goldberg about marching together to keep abortion free and legal. Ha. Ha.

Couric: So, you write about choice, meaning what?

Goldberg: Well, because, you know when you get out there and you march, because we've marched together.

Couric (giggling): No-o-o. I’m not allowed to do that.

Goldberg (catching herself): Oh, no. That's right. We have not marched together. It was somebody that looked like you. Uh, I forget where I am sometimes.

That was all at NBC, of course, which the Perky has outgrown. She has transcended monomedia, you might say, to multimedia. Today, NBC. Tomorrow, CBS. Beyond, who knows?

Which reminds the Roscoe: Over the weekend Michelle Malkin invited readers to play the Initial Game, as in NBC means:

Narrow-minded, Bigoted, and Condescending. - Jim Treacher

Nothing But Crass. - commenter RayLRiv.

National Broadcasting Caliphate. - Craig H.

No Brain Capacity. - R. Carty

Roscoe’s entries:

Nutbergers w/ Bacon & Cheese

Numbskulls, Bimbos & Cowards

NASCAR-Bashing Creeps

Nothing But Crap

Never Believe Couric

Which, of course, begs the question of what CBS ought to stand for. Yes, anyone may play. For example, these for starters:

Couric’s Belief System

Complete B.S.

Criticize Bush Somehow

You get the idea. Who knows? Maybe we'll eventually get around to ABC, CNN and PMSNBC.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

KATIE COURIC: The (gasp!) GOP connection

Yeah, the Roscoe was just funnin' with y'all yesterday. Of course, we don't really expect Katie "Perky" Couric to accord George W. the same kid-gloves treatment she extended to Bill Clinton. That'd be expecting way too much. No, if the past is any indication, the long knives are going to be out for the Commander-in-Chief when Perky takes over Dan Rather's anchor seat at CBS in September.

We've been disenchanted with Perky since way back when she used to diss W's dad, George H.W. Bush, a decade and a half ago. You know the disingenuous spin from the media execs: Liberal mediocracy bias—even if true—is irrelevant because most professional journalistas can work around (read "disguise") their own personal prejudices. Right. Unfortunately, it's been clear for a long time that Perky is not one of those (assuming they even exist). Her biases are in flashing neon.

Memory grows furtive as to specifics in her caustic treatment of Bush-41. This many years later, we were only able to lay our cyber-mitts on one example (again from the Media Research Center). Here was what Perky asked Dad Bush after the 1992 Republican national Convention: "I think some moderate Republicans were put off by the tone at the convention. The Republicans relinquished too much time to what some term the radical religious right. Did you feel comfortable with the convention?"

Emphasis added. Do you begin to get the idea that Perky doesn't care much for what some might term Christians? Or conservatives? Or white males named Bush?

Ah, but wait. There are reasons to believe that Perky's belief system may be getting stretched a bit these days. If you look in Wikipedia under "Katie Couric", you’ll find this interesting item:

Rumors are that she is dating one of the Reyes brothers from Reyes Holdings LLC, a Republican billionaire who owns a large distribution company, the Headquarters are located in Rosemont Illinois, with holdings company Martin Brower LLC. They are a distributor for McDonalds, which is based in Oakbrook, and are listed on Crains as one of Illinois largest private LLC's.

Republican billionaire? As Gomer would say, Gol-ly. Next thing you know, she'll be joining the NRA, buying stock in Halliburton and going to NASCAR races to insult Muslims. In a Perky sort of way, of course.

Monday, April 10, 2006

KATIE COURIC: Pass the gravitas, please

I'm not really sure what all the fuss is about. Making Katie "Perky" Couric the nightly news anchor at CBS won't be that much different from having Dan Rather at the helm—except maybe without the gravitas. But heck, who needs gravitas, really?

OK, so maybe she's been a cheerleader and a fluff-and-features sort of television personality on the Today show for 15 years. She must have had some substance for NBC to offer her $20 million a year just to keep her from going to CBS. Right?

That substance stuff is highly over-rated anyway, don't you think? Why, if Couric's coverage of the Clintons was any indication, we ought to be in for some kinder, gentler journalism. Take, for example, Dec. 9, 1998. The Clinton White House was making its case before the House Judiciary Committee, which was considering impeachment of the President. The Media Research Center preserved this priceless Couric report for posterity:

"Impeachment hangs in the balance. I visited the Clintons at the White House last weekend to check out the holiday decorations. But I did take the opportunity to ask the President if he had any comment on the events of this week."

Couric to Bill Clinton: "Before we go, you don't want an opportunity to talk about anything else, do you Mr. President?"

Bill Clinton: "Nope."

Couric: "Big week coming, big week coming up. I just wanted to give you the opportunity if you so desire."

Bill Clinton: "I'm just gonna try to do my job this week and hope everyone else does theirs."

Couric: "We'll show you more of that conversation as well as the incredible holiday decorations in just a few minutes. Talk about a strange juxtaposition of events."

I sure look forward to that kind of friendly treatment for George W. Bush. Don't you?

You can find all kinds of other priceless gems at the
Media Research Center and at Newsbusters. Also some good stuff at Discover the Network.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

KATIE COURIC: Bigotry in high heels

When it comes to outright bigotry, NBC's David "Gay Gene" Gregory—whom we spotlighted here last week—can't hold a candle to his fellow NBCer and pretender to the CBS nightly news anchor job: Katie "Perky" Couric. It's just that her particular form of bigotry–anti-Christian—is not so politically incorrect as some other forms. For, after all, Christians are the last minority group whom it is socially acceptable to slur, slander and otherwise discriminate with impunity. And to the tune of $11-12 million dollars a year.

We refer, of course, to her naked assertions—disguised as an interview question—that the Christian right was directly responsible for gay-boy Matthew Shepherd's 1998 beating death in Wyoming, presumably by homophobes riled up by such Christians. She specifically named the Christian Coalition, the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family—notorious rogue outfits, all. Don Hodel, then-president and CEO of Focus on the Family (and a former Reagan cabinet member), decried Couric's remarks as "religion-baiting at its worst."

Well, golly. Lo and behold, several years later it comes out that, well, maybe it wasn't really homophobia after all, but a robbery-motivated crime by a couple of amphetamine-crazed toughs looking for money for their next fix. One of them, in fact, admitted as much. So, of course, Mr. Hodel, et al., thought they'd show the world how much class Kaite Couric and NBC possessed and asked for an apology. Being accused of responsibility for someone's violent death is not something most of us take lightly.

They're still waiting. And it's clear for all to see how much class Katie Couric and NBC have. Which is to say, zero times zero. This infamous exchange of communiqués occurred shortly after the November 2004 re-election of George W. Bush as America's 43rd president, which occasioned this remark from Hodel:

"On election night, some network news anchors seemed to struggle to understand the moral groundswell so evident in the returns on Nov. 2. May I suggest that a reaction against the elites in our culture, especially the big media, had something to do with the forceful expression of traditional values that day? Media elites speak often about tolerance, but may not realize that they seldom seem to express tolerance toward those they don't understand, particularly conservative Christian people. Katie Couric's ugly insinuation is a good example."

Oh, so much Perky and so little time. Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a fast week. . .

Friday, April 07, 2006

DAVID GREGORY: George Bush, snake jars & the gay gene

Our week-long look at NBC chief White House correspondent David "The Mouth" Gregory would hardly be complete without mention that, in addition to all his other many accomplishments, David is a blogger. [Insert sound file of phaser on overload.] That's right. Well, it's a corporate thing of MSNBC, with various network smarter-than-Bush voices, but it's still a blog, after a certain fashion.

You can find The Mouth's thread here. I don't necessarily recommend it right after a meal, but it's a good reality check, if you will, for those of us who might tend to get a little too comfortable in the conservative-talk-radio subculture. We especially recommend a scroll through the comments. Except for the occasional patriotic voice in the wilderness, it's a pretty revealing biopsy of the Bush-lied-people-died rot.

BTW, did you know that if you place a horse's tail hair in a jar of water overnight, it will turn into a snake? Yeah, I actually fell for that once—I think when I was about 6. I heard it from a kid kind of like David Gregory. When gay-boy Matthew Shepard was found beaten to death in Wyoming several years ago, David Gregory and Katie Couric trotted out their own snake jar, rushing to blame the killing on Christians who claimed in an ad campaign that homosexuality can be cured.

Here are The Mouth's actual words from a column at the time: "The ads were controversial for portraying gays and lesbians as sinners who had made poor choices, despite the growing belief that homosexuality may be genetic. ... Have the ads fostered a climate of anti-gay hate that leads to incidents like the killing of Matthew Shepard? Gay rights activists say the ads convey a message that gay people are defective."

Emphasis added. Whose growing belief? Moonbat inhabitants of the fever swamp? And speaking of anti-Christian, did I mention that next week is dedicated to Katie Couric?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

DAVID GREGORY: The heartbreak of BDS

So, Andy Rooney tells Don Imus that he's none too happy about Katie "Perky" Couric coming to the evening news anchor spot at CBS. Not, Andy hastens to add, that he doesn't like her. "How can you not like Katie Couric?" he asks.

Oh, Andy. Let me count the ways. How about mean-spirited, elitist, biased, snotty, snide, malicious, spiteful, nutty, disingenuous, devious, catty, distorted, dishonest and unfair, for starters? But don't get me started. Save it for next week, all right? We have a show to do here.

So, let us return now to our regularly scheduled program: "Why David 'The Mouth' Gregory should be fired as NBC White House correspondent." Let me count the ways.

[Insert sound file of The Mouth's case of uncontrollable giggles on Imus in the Morning.]

It was just yesterday that The Roscoe electrified the blogosphere with the solution to the 'Imus Mystery'—i.e., the real nature of David's altered state of consciousness and the real meaning of the mysterious "Hindi" expression that so perplexed the I-man. Turns out it wasn't Hindi at all. It was—well, go read about it down below. (We have a show to do here.)

For those who are interested, there's an electronic petition you can sign, asking NBC to rid itself of The Mouth. It's over at The sponsors cite The Mouth's recent erratic behavior at a White House press conference, in which he called the presidential press secretary (Scott McClellan) a "jerk," and the aforementioned Imus incident as evidence that David has succumbed to the dreaded disorder, Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). As with Bird Flu and egg-sucking dogs, there is no known cure for BDS. (Victims must be burned at the stake along with their clothing.)

"These two episodes illustrate serious breaches in journalistic integrity," wrote the sponsors. "Mr. Gregory has done damage to NBC News' reputation and the reputation of journalism as a whole."

Hmm, I don’t know. Isn’t that kind of like saying Cynthia McKinney has done harm to the reputation of liberal Democrats? We here at the Report think that damage has already been done long ago.

Well, that's our show for tonight. Don't forget to pick up your matches and gasoline on the way out.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DAVID GREGORY: Voila! ‘Imus’ mystery solved

Oh, how fitting that the Rathergate shoes at CBS should be filled by NBC's Katie "Perky" Couric. Perky is bias-ready, having already bashed a couple of Republican presidents and any number of right-wing Christians on the Today show. She won't need the Vulcan mind meld or the sacrifice of small animals by candlelight or whatever it is they do over at CBS to produce hate-mongers. She's there. But more on that next week. . .

Meanwhile, it just means our current Enemediacrat of the Week, David "The Mouth" Gregory, is going to have to work that much harder at NBC to compensate for the loss of Perky. We're not so sure here at The Report, however, that Dave is quite up to the challenge. Calling in stoned—or stupid—to the Don Imus show from India recently was definitely not a good sign. Imus accused him of being drunk, which The Mouth neither confirmed nor denied. (Took the fifth, so to speak.) As the goofy exchange was replayed incessantly on the blogosphere, most critics agreed with Imus.

Never one to follow the crowd, Roscoe believes somewhat differently. Alcohol inebriation produces unmistakable effects in speech patterns—slurring, loopiness, etc. Cannabis, on the other hand, produces equally distinctive effects—distractedness, flight of ideas, bizarre thoughts, hilarity, etc.—while leaving the speech center relatively unimpaired. So, check it out. Listen once again to the exchange with these facts in mind, and you be the judge.

Personally, we think The Mouth clearly had a case of red eyes & the munchies. You can read the transcript at Drudge. One error: The Mouth did not say, "India is a wonderful language." He said, "Hindi is a wonderful language." He was cracking himself up repeatedly by saying na mas dey to Imus, which he insisted means "thank you" in Hindi. And here we have another problem: "Thank you" in Hindi is Dhanya-waadh. Not even close. So, what was he saying?

Not to worry. The Roscoe has solved the mystery: Not only was The Mouth partying with dope smokers, but Spanish-speaking ones. Na mas dey isn't Hindi, but Spanish—no mas de. Translation: "No more of [that]." In other words, "Shut up, Dave." Can't you imagine that he must hear that a lot?

In fact, it's our sentiments exactly. Q.E.D.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DAVID GREGORY: Shooting from the shadows

Before getting to our Enemediacrat of the Week (enemy + mediocracy), just a word or two about our last week's star—Helen Thomas, aka The Helen. Robin over at Chickenhawk Express has the scoop on "Helen Thomas Rewarded for Bad Behavior." It seems that Bush Delusional Disorder has reached such epidemic proportions that a number of sick individuals showered The Helen with more than 100 dozen roses for her rabid skunk attack on the President at his press conference week before last. Wonder what they'd have given her if she'd actually shot him?

Nor can a site like the Roscoe, dedicated to combating Enemediocracy lies, ignore NBC Dateline's latest little scam—a plan to provoke anti-Muslim behavior at a NASCAR event in order to demonstrate American red-state bigotry. Michelle Malkin and Little Green Footballs are all over the heinous story. But the Roscoe has to wonder:

How much more blatant can you get? I think the real story is actually how little anti-Muslim prejudice there is, all things considered. It's interesting that NBC would have to go to such extreme lengths even to find--nay, gin up--this kind of behavior. I bet they could find a heck of a lot more reaction if they'd film a bearded man with a yarmulka trying to mingle with a bunch of Muslims. Or even a flag pin-wearing Republican with a nice haircut and a copy of The Wall Street Journal among a bunch of liberal Dems. Or a NASCAR guy among a bunch of Cynthia McKinney-Al Sharpton African-Americans, or . . . The list could go on and on. Doesn't this particular NBC ploy speak volumes about the mindset?

Speaking of NBC, David "The Mouth" Gregory was a brief topic of discussion last night at "An Evening with Laura Ingraham" down the street here from us. That is to say, we brought it up. "Actually," Laura said with apparent sincerity, "David's a pretty funny guy. He should have his own late-night show." But I'll treasure always those words she next shared with us: "Let's keep the line moving, please."

Laura can afford to be generous: She had him and James "Daddy Warbucks" Carville for lunch on the Today show shortly after the aforementioned press conference. Afterward, The Conservative Voice advised David the Mouth that Laura "hit you with a right cross to the jaw, figuratively speaking, that left you stunned and looking pathetically timid, but reverberated through the news world. . ." Apparently unaware of this plucky breast cancer survivor's recent forays with the troops in Iraq, he tremulously asked if she thought it was "safe" enough to do the kind of reporting she was suggesting.

That's when he got a lesson in manhood from the Laura, who challenged him, essentially, to grow a backbone. Cowardice is never a pretty sight, especially from those who feign courage in safety and security. Another David a couple thousand years ago called this kind of behavior "shooting from the shadows at the upright" (Psalm 11:2). Deliver us, Lord, from such as these.

Monday, April 03, 2006

DAVID GREGORY: Eats with that mouth, too?

Some say it was Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz who dubbed NBC White House press reporter David "The Mouth" Gregory the "Sam Donaldson of the Bush years," thus helping to create a President-bashing monster. And further proving that some people really should just keep their opinions to themselves.

I remember Sam Donaldson—"Hold on, Mr. President!"—during those halcyon Reagan years, and David Gregory is no Sam Donaldson. In fact, I don't think Sam Donaldson is Sam Donaldson anymore, either. Didn't he, like, start wearing dresses and run away with the circus or something? Or else he just retired. One of those. But this blog digresses. . .

Scene: Iraq is going postal, North Korea and Iran are going nuclear, and the vice president is going hunting. So, what does David the Mouth dominate an entire White House Press conference with? Fudgate. [Insert whiney-voice sound file.} Why did it take so long for the White House press corps to be informed of Dick Cheney's hunting accident? An nauseam, and with much help from other argumentative reporters not wanting to be entirely upstaged by The Mouth.

Scene: U.S. forces mount a major offensive, Operation Swarmer, in southern Iraq that proves highly effective in routing insurgents and seizing major weapons caches. It was termed the most massive air assault since the beginning of the war in 2003. So, what does David the Mouth ask Bush's press secretary, Scott McClellan? Wasn’t the operation, in fact, just a ploy to prop up the president’s sagging poll numbers? As a friend of mine used to say, "Golly, do you eat with that mouth, too?" (Not that he ever said that to me, mind you.)

It was during the Fudgate affair that David the Mouth really got into it with McClellan, calling him a "jerk." To which McClellan said, "Calm down, Dave. Calm down." To which David the Mouth said, "I’ll calm down when I feel like calming down. You answer the question." Guess he told McClellan, huh?

Oh, and did I mention that David the Mouth is married to a lawyer? That's right--a journalist and a lawyer. Is that even legal? Sounds like another joke:

Q: What do you get if you cross a lawyer with a journalist?
A: A crook who can spell good.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Did you hear the one about DAVID GREGORY and the fish?

Q: What's the difference between a liberal journalist and a carp?
A: One's a scum-sucking bottom feeder, and the other's a fish.

OK, so that was really a lawyer joke. But that's actually unfair to lawyers, when, in fact, the legal profession scores way better than the press these days in public opinion surveys. In fact, the mainstream mediocracy scores very near the bottom of public confidence, where it has fallen precipitously in recent years, even below actors and union leaders. Now, that's low. In fact, public trust in television news and newspapers reached an all-time low last year, according to Gallup.

So, I propose we dispense with all the lawyer jokes and switch to journalists. Example:

Q: What's the difference between a dead skunk and a dead journalist?
A: With the skunk there are skid marks.

Get the idea? If journalist jokes caught on, maybe some of the newsies might even begin to get it, too—that tearing down America isn't especially appreciated by everybody.

Speaking of jokes, this is DAVID GREGORY WEEK at The Roscoe Daley Report in our continuing endeavor to turn the spotlight of public scrutiny back on the most egregious of these elite mediocrats. Probably the least appreciated quality of all is arrogance. And that happens to be a quality that Mr. Gregory has in spades—and clubs, hearts and diamonds.

Charlie Brown, who called the English teacher "Daddy-o," was a piker compared with David Gregory in impertinence. He recently called the President’s press secretary, for example, a "jerk." David Gregory, thy name is arrogance, petulance and hissy fits. And, David, people are on to you, baby.

Here's a sample, picked almost at random off the Internet:

"David Gregory, people don't like you, people don't trust your judgment, and people are fully aware that you and your colleagues constantly distort or misrepresent facts based on your ideological agenda. So, if we barely believe you when you report hard facts, why on earth would we believe your partisan preening, your faux outrage, your overbearing editorializing, and your hysterical rumor-mongering?" See here.

Then there was the time Gregory called in stupid to Don Imus. Yeah, it's going to be a fun week. . .