Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A regrettable loss

It is with a heavy heart that your favorite Islamobaptist returns to you tonight. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. We refer, of course, to the withdrawal of Cindy Sheehan from the leadership of the American peace movement.

Oh, how America, so corrupted and constipated from the likes of George Bush and Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, has sorely needed a movement like Cindy's. But we understand her frustration and feel her pain. We can even agree that Americans have failed to get off the pot and respond as they should have to her inspired leadership. More's the pity.

Some have said it's because she's a first-class Kool-Aid drinker with a room-temperature IQ. But we say, no, there's nothing first-class about Cindy Sheehan. The reason is obvious: She's a woman. And, as all Islamobaptists know, women cannot lead.

We also agree that the Dhimmicrats have failed to do all they could to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and New Orleans. What a disgrace. But do we need to point out that Nancy Pelosi--also a person of the female persuasion--is in charge in the House of Representatives?

The lesson here should be obvious: If America is serious about surrendering to the forces of global jihad, it needs to turn these things over to arguably male leadership. Like John Murtha and Dennis Kucinich and Barack Obama.

They are male, aren't they? Please write in if you have reason to believe otherwise. These are, after all, confusing times. And confusing times call for truly confused people. Like Cindy Sheehan.

Allahu fubar!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Watch this space

Roscoedinejad is fixing to hit the trail again for yet another secret mission. Posting won't stop. It may become sparcer, but possibly even more meaningful. If you know what we mean.

We're talking about 12 days here. Can't say much about other than it involves going deep into enemy territory. But we've been there before. Shouldn't be a problem.

Meanwhile, Death to America, Allahu fubar and all that.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

It’s working

How long have we been telling you, infidels, that you’re through? Why, even the so-called “moderate” Republicans now are threatening to desert Bush on the Iraq war. According to The New York Times:

WASHINGTON, May 9 — Moderate Republicans gave President Bush a blunt warning on his Iraq policy at a private White House meeting this week, telling the president that conditions needed to improve markedly by fall or more Republicans would desert him on the war. …. Participants in the Tuesday meeting between Mr. Bush, senior administration officials and 11 members of a moderate bloc of House Republicans said the lawmakers were unusually candid with the president, telling him that public support for the war was crumbling in their swing districts.

See G.O.P. Moderates Warn Bush Iraq Must Show Gains.

Remember the famous H.L. Mencken quote? “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” For “intelligence,” you can substitute the word “determination” today. If you’re not man enough to fight back after attacks on your World Trade Center, your ships, your embassies and your own people, what will you stand up and fight for? You're pathetic.

Recognize reality: You’re in retreat. Your culture is in decline. Your politicians care more for their political careers than they do the survival of your nation. Or didn't you know that?

Admit it: You’re through. Move over and let real men rule. We can wait until you’re ready to admit defeat. It won’t be long.

Death to America. Allahu fubar!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Dear Roscoedinejad,

Is it true, like I been hearing, that some a your crazy raghaid friends are using Disney characters to terrorize little kids into becoming crazy jihadis? If so, do you approve of this kind of treatment?

--D. Duck

Dear Infidel Duck,

Yes, it’s true. You’re referring to Hamas TV, which has been running a kiddie show that combines light-hearted entertainment with an introduction for the very young to the high calling of Joo hating, Holocaust denial and wiping Israel off the map. What could be more wholesome for formative, young minds?

Do I approve of that kind of treatment? If you’re referring to the use of Disney characters, it’s only one—Farfur. But any resemblances to a certain trademark American cartoon rodent are purely coincidental, I assure you. If you’re referring to the little kids, frankly, Scarlet, you can fill in the rest.

Judge for yourself, infidel. See 'Mickey Mouse' promotes jihad. There’s actually some lengthy video clips that you can view here. One taste, and you’ll be back for more of this good stuff, I’ll tell you.

Death to America. Allahu fubar!


Monday, May 07, 2007


Thanks, mujahedeen of France. Roscoedinejad calls for jihad on Sunday, and on Monday we have stone-throwing, car-torching riots on the streets of Paris and across Frogland.

Ain’t life good?

See Sarkozy's election victory marred by riots and French police arrest nearly 600 people in post-election violence.

Now, listen up, frog folks. Neither one of your candidates for president was acceptable. What were you thinking? A woman president? You’ve got to be kidding. But Nicolas Sarkozy? Surely you jest. Why didn’t you just wait until Bush was impeached and put him on the throne?

Well, infidels, looks like it’s gonna be a long, hot summer in ol’ gay Paree.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


What a step backwards France has taken with the election of conservative President Nicholas Sarkozy, whose first post-election words were an endorsement of the Great Satan, the United States.

The French president-elect has been nicknamed "Sarkozy the American" by friends and enemies alike for his unabashed praise of US society, its dynamism and meritocracy… A much-publicised trip to the United States last year during which Mr Sarkozy met Mr Bush left him battling to dispel the charge he was an "American neo-conservative with a French passport."

See Sarkozy holds out hand to US. What a Bush toady. We bet Karl Rove’s fingerprints are all over this. Sarkozy probably holds Halliburton stock and knows Scooter Libby.

All right, all you fellow mujahedeen in Frogland—you know what to do. Start torching those cars like you did last year. What do they think this is, Crawford, Texas? This is France—America is supposed to be the enemy. Remember?

Help! I'm melting...

Friday, May 04, 2007

On second thought

Perhaps we were a bit hasty in issuing an Islamobaptist fatwa against Iran President Mahmoud “Mojo” Ahmadinejad (B.L.T.) for lewd and licentious behavior.

Many of our brethren and cisterns have pointed out that what was played up in the world press (you know how they are) as a steamy encounter of passion may in reality have been merely an adventure in animal husbandry.

Therefore, in recognition of the less serious nature of the offense, we hereby reduce the charge to a thinwa. Rather than being subject to beheading, Mr. Ahmadinejad—should he be caught—will face a date with the liposuctionist. (Beheading would have been more of a capital improvement, anyway.)

It is so ordered. Further affiant sayeth naught.

Allahu Saladbar!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Say it ain’t so, Mojo

No matter how painful it may be, we are afraid that Mr. Mahmoud “Mojo” Ahmadinejad (B.L.T.), president of Iran, must be censured. In fact, his recent behavior has become so licentious that we are forced to issue a fatwa calling for his demise.

The capital offense? We shudder to report (with language alert):

Ahmadinejad under fire for embracing his old teacher

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been accused of indecency after he publicly embraced and kissed on the **** an elderly woman who used to be his schoolteacher.

At a ceremony on Tuesday ahead of Iranian teachers' day, Mr Ahmadinejad was photographed and filmed by state media stooping to kiss the woman's **** and then clasping her ***s in an embrace.

The elderly woman, who was not named, wore **** with a **** and long black ****, meaning that Mr Ahmadinejad avoided any **** contact.

But his action raised eyebrows because according to sharia law, it is forbidden for a man to have any physical contact with a woman to whom he is not related.

Read rest of story here.

This kind of behavior is so scandalous, we declare a Mojo fatwa. Anyone who produces his **** on a platter will be rewarded with **** from 72 ******s.

Further affiant sayeth naught.

Allahu Clarkbar! Death to Mojo.